Advantages and Disadvantages of Glass Tiles

Are you considering having a new backsplash in your bathroom or kitchen? New tile could just what you have to offer the room to give a bit of personality and color. However, which material must you select for your new tiles—ceramic or glass? These options can surely give off unique and different price points and look to match your needs. Keep on reading this article to know more about the advantages and disadvantages you may get with glass and ceramic tiles. This way, you can be a more informed tile buyer and this article can assist you in choosing the best tile option: 


Basic ceramic tiles are manufactured out of firing clay at a high level of temperature. Then, it will be added with liquid glaze. And the tiles will ultimately be fired again. Meanwhile, glass tiles are made out of thin glass pieces with transparent glaze fired to every tile’s back. They are either individually sold or can be bought in a set of predesigned mosaic patterns in a mesh backing.  

Ceramic tiles and glass tiles are materials that greatly vary due to their distinct characteristics, which may make one stand out more when installed for the tiling project of your backlash.  


Environmentally friendly 

A lot of glass tiles are made out of recycled materials. Regardless if not, they can totally be recycled after it’s done being used in homes. Moreover, glass tiles take nearly half of the needed energy to manufacture ceramic tiles.  

Resistant to water absorption 

Glass has an absorbency rate of 0 percent, making it totally impermeable to water. Meanwhile, the ceramic tile only has a 0.5-3 percent absorbency rate.  

Easy to clean 

The splashes and grime can simply be wiped off of any glass tile. All it takes is an all-purpose cleaner or even a bit of soapy water. Moreover, mildew and mold do not readily develop on glass tiles.  

Unparalleled aesthetics 

The glass’ unlimited color and translucent varieties possibly are perhaps one of the factors that make glass tile the most appealing and contemporary-looking material for a backsplash that you can select. The tiles can replicate the light to make your bathroom or kitchen look larger and brighter. 


It’s a must to get a professional installation service 

Since glass is translucent, the adhesive can be seen through the tiles. If you’re planning to make glass tile installation a DIY project, then it would be challenging to come up with a professional-looking outcome.  

More expensive 

Glass tiles are very well-used today even if they are the costliest material used for backsplash today.   


Simple to install 

With some DIY guides, a bit of practice, and patience, perhaps you can successfully install ceramic tiles without needing any help from professional tile installers San Jose.  


This material is one of the more budget-friendly backsplash tile material you can opt for. 


Limited color variations 

Usually, ceramic tiles are available in earth tones, white, and black colors. Hence, finding bold colors in such material can be difficult.  

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