When you will be driving around your city with a chipped or cracked windshield as you pass some time for your booked schedule to be available, you need to keep in mind a few things. In this article, we will be answering a few frequently asked questions when it comes to driving with damaged windshield to help you keep safe on the road.  

Can a chipped auto glass shatter? 

Your auto windshield’s glass is particularly intended and made so that it will not shatter when exposed to impact, however, that does not imply that you must drive with damaged or cracked windshield. Regardless if your windshield won’t shatter all over you when heavy impact or collision happens to the glass, for instance, a compromised windshield can still risk your safety.  

Is driving with a damaged windshield illegal? 

Operating a car with compromised windshield isn’t always illegal since different states have various laws regarding this subject. In some areas, operating with a damaged auto glass is not immediately considered as against the law but the situation’s legality is according to how damaged the windshield is.  

Even if the law does not specify what size chips and cracks should qualify as illegal, you will get a greater chance of obtaining a ticket especially if the windshield damage can obstruct your vision as you drive. Once an officer will ask you to pull over, either for cracked windshield or speeding, it is up to the discretion of the officer whether or not they will give you a citation.  

To prevent any unwanted expense, it would be best to book for a full windshield replacement or even just a repair service as soon as possible after the glass damage takes place.  

Is it dangerous to drive with damaged auto glass? 

Definitely. Even if you can’t realize it yet, a cracked auto damage can potentially risk your safety and any person sitting at the backseat as you drive. Since the windshield of your vehicles need to serves as a stopping tools for your front airbags, it needs to be totally intact to endure the pressure while deploying the air bags.  

Once your airbags inflate as you drive with a compromised auto glass, there’s a high risk that they will not deploy based on their design. Instead of blowing up toward you and your passengers for to protect you in terms of emergency, there’s a possibility that the airbags will slightly deploy outward through your auto glass. This ill-fated scenario can take place due to intense and sudden pressure of the inflation of the air bags, which forces damaged or cracked windshield to totally break.  

What will happen if I keep on driving a car with damaged windshield? 

In most cases, windshield damage can get even worse if it’s not addressed to right away. When your auto glass just has minor cracks or chips then you will need to get them repaired as soon as possible to prevent experiencing costly repair or even entire auto window replacement in San Jose if needed.