A countertop is an essential part of every kitchen. It adds to the style of a home as well as to the value of a home. More than that, when it comes to functionality, a countertop is your number one priority.  

Countertops offers a variety of kind. some countertops are engineered while others are natural. If you re someone, who does not know what differs the former and the latter, you can do your research to have more knowledge on the matter. 

However, whether you are someone who did your research already or someone who does not have a clue, here are some kinds of countertop material you can choose from to help you achieve the kitchen that suits your home, your style as well as your need.  

1. Laminate 

If you are someone who likes palettes of colors and is wild when it comes to choosing between a spectrum of flashy hues or the ones that comes in calming tones, then this kind of material is for you.  

Laminate has endless to offer specially to those who want to be very creative in their kitchen. It is also non porous which is a plus when it comes to sanitary purposes as well as if you are concerned on maintenance.  

Through the use of technology, laminate has grown to be more durable than before however it stilling not the most durable option on the market. However, if you are someone who wants a material that you can be creative about, a material that is quite durable and affordable at the same time, then you can most confidently rely on laminate. 

Just take note of the downside of laminate when it comes to heat. 

2. Tile 

Tiles have been known to be an attractive option as a backsplash for your kitchen. However, did you know that it is quite a promising countertop material too?  

If you are someone who prefers a more retro style but wants to keep some savings in your wallet, then you can go for tile as your material for your countertop.  

The cons when it comes to tiles is the sanitary dilemma as well as maintenance. Since tiles have grout in between, it can be quite challenging to keep it clean, more than that, you will have to maintain the grout as well. The good thing about tile though, is its ability to resist heat compared to laminate. Thus, if you are someone who is fond on putting your hot pans directly to your countertop, then you should try and think about having tiles your countertop if you are on a budget. 

3. Engineered Solid Surface 

Stone surface often referred to as solid surface is known for a combination of raw or natural material and an agent to bond the material. The agent used out of the time is polymer resin. In comparison to pure stone surfaces, engineered surfaces can worn out however it is a very durable option. More than that, since it has a bonding agent, it is non porous and is very easy to clean without having to stress of any mold buildup. Compared to other countertop surfaces or to stone surfaces, this kind is more affordable.  

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